Tax address

What is the tax address?


Pursuant to Article 28 of the Tax Code, all local individuals and legal entities and foreign entities operating in the country, should indicate the address for correspondence with the state administration. Usually this is the headquarters and the management office of the company (or the address on the ID card of the individual), but it may be different one - one with attendance of trained personnel during working hours, which will take a telephone message or will receive a letter, parcel or other notice. This is called tax address - address for communication with the NRA and other institutions throughout the country.

We can offer you the address of our accounting firm for your tax purposes. So you will always be assured that you have received all the important information and notices.

What we offer with this service?


To always have a legal tax address where you can be found. You'll have qualified staff who will receive a phone message for you, a package, a letter or a notice. You will have professional representation in front of the authorities of the state administration. All messages will be transmitted immediately - by phone, electronically or courier.

If you are interested in this service, contact us for more details and information.