Subscription accounting

Under a contract for subscription accounting, you will save much of the commitments and concerns about your relationship with the tax and social security departments. Your costs will decrease as you will not have to keep accounting staff in your office. You'll save time and you will not be directly involved in every detail of the organization of the accounting. This will allow you to give more attention to the management of your business.


  • Preparation of accounting policy of the company and establishing a chart of accounts
  • Receiving, review and classification of primary documents
  • Processing and accounting of primary documents using specialized accounting software
  • Opportunity to issue invoices on behalf of the client (by mutual agreement)
  • Preparation and registration of the company for VAT
  • Handling of cash and bank payments of the principal
  • Creating of secondary documents and records under the current legislation
  • Compilation of periodic reports on accounts receivables and payables to suppliers - by request of the Principal
  • Data processing with accounting software that allows user reports in a variety of popular file formats (.pdf, .doc, .xls) with the possibility of exchanging information electronically
  • Receiving and classification of the fixed assets the principal's company, compiling accounting and tax depreciation schedule, calculating the due depreciation
  • Cost accounting for salaries, social security contributions and taxes
  • Monthly preparation of the records for purchases and sales and the VAT return for VAT, and their electronical submission
  • Accounting for inventories
  • Tracking stock
  • Accounting consultations
  • Compilation of monthly and yearly trial balances
  • Preparation of annual reports
  • Preparation of the necessary documents and reports on verifications and audits relating to periods in which our company has been responsible for the accounting services of the principal
  • Organizing and archiving using a selected system to distinguish the types of documents

HR and Payroll

  • Preparation of all documents relating to the adoption of a new employee
  • Preparation of contracts, additional agreements, orders for holidays, penalties and termination of employment
  • Registration of conclusion, modification and termination of contracts by electronic means in the NRA
  • Making payroll and pay slips, statement of social security contributions and taxes on insured persons (D1), information about outstanding contributions (D6), and submitting them electronically to the NRA
  • Calculation of fees payable to employees in non-labor relationships
  • Creation of orders for the obligations of the principal to the budget
  • Holds, classifies and processes submitted medical certificates, creates inventories and covering letters for NII
  • Issuance of a certificate of insurance and income of the staff of the Principal to serve at NII, Labour Bureau, National Revenue Agency for Social Assistance and other budget agencies. Issuance of the documents is done within the statutory time limits, after submitting a written request from the Trustee
  • Issuance and verification of employment records of the company's staff of the principal
  • Consultations on employment and insurance cases


  • Determining the amount of taxes in the current tax laws. Preparation and submission of VAT returns, books on VAT, protocols, VIES declarations
  • Compilation and accounting of payment orders to the budget
  • Completion and submission of tax returns
  • Tax protection and representation, as well as reports required by the tax authorities concerning inspections and audits
  • Tax consultations

Annual closing

  • Compilation of annual financial statements by IAS and NFRSSME with all the necessary appendices
  • Compilation of annual activity report for the needs of NSI and the NRA and its filing electronically
  • Establishment of an annual tax return and submitting it electronically to the NRA
  • Submission of annual reports to their legal beneficiaries - NRA, NSI, Commercial Register, Ministry of Justice and others.