Personnel administration / Human Resources and Payroll/

We offer fully managed payroll, including the establishment and maintenance of personal files of employees, preparing official notices and certificates, payroll and pay slips, payment orders for taxes and insurance to the budget, information for the insured persons and paid insurance by sample (statement 1 and statement 6). You can always rely on our advice to resolve specific issues in the field of employment, social security and tax law.

The services we do monthly for our clients are:

  • Advice on the hiring of staff
  • Preparation of labor and non-labor contracts (civil, management contracts)
  • Registration and re-registration of contracts and additional agreements
  • Preparation of monthly payment activity list and pay slips
  • Preparation of documents for termination of employment contracts
  • Preparation of payment orders and documents for on-line banking
  • Preparation of all official notices and certificates
  • Preparing documents for retirement
  • Processing and calculation of sick leave and annual leave
  • Reporting on insured persons and insurance paid to NRA
  • Maintaining personal files of staff
  • Consultations on specific cases