Online accounting

Because everyday is getting busier and the requirements of the administration are more and more, it's getting likely to miss deadlines and get serious penalties. Since we know how long it takes to go to the office of your accounting company to sign another set of documents and present them to the institutions, we offer something different than the traditional accounting - online accounting.

What is online accounting?


This is a way of communication of our company with clients, as well as with public administration, almost entirely electronically. We have digital certificates for electronic signature, which covers all necessary reports, forms and declarations to the NRA, NSI, labor inspectorates, trade register, etc. Our customers have no obligation to attend our office to sign, stamp or take documents to present to the relevant departments. All customers can use their e-mail address to apply for the issuance of all documents and reports on the state of the company, staff and many others.

Who is the online accounting for?


It is for for everyone. No matter whether your office is right next to ours, or if you are across town or even across the country. We serve companies throughout the country. The customer has to choose only how to provide us with primary documentation - in place in our office, use a courier or scan the documents and send them to . From then on everything is easy - we prepare everything and send it electronically in customer friendly formats, all information which must be submitted to the administration is electronically signed.

What services you can use through online accounting?

  • Use our electronic certificates for communication with the public administration by submitting all the documents on your behalf electronically - VAT returns, VAT-declaration form № 1 and 6, notifications under Article 62 paragraph 4 of the Labour Code, annual tax returns of corporate and individuals, announcement of annual reports in the Commercial Register kept by the Registry Agency, submission of returns to the labor inspection, the submission of reports to the National Statistical Institute and others.
  • To invoice on your behalf and send the invoices to you via email in a handy .pdf format.
  • To deposit requests concerning the conclusion, modification and termination of contracts, we will prepare the necessary documents, validate them in the NRA and send them to your email.
  • We will prepare all necessary documents in connection with the conclusion of labor contracts, management and control and civil contracts, annexes to such contracts, documents related to the termination of employment contracts - orders for the termination of employment, certificates and more. All documents will be sent to your email address - you only need to print, sign and stamp, and hand them to the employee.
  • To lodge an application for issuance of documents related to staff - official notes, certificates and others, and to receive them in your email.
  • Use our office for correspondence with various institutions, you will be immediately notified for any document or message received on site (by post/courier), fax, phone or mail.
  • To use the opportunity for consultations via email. This will help you to formulate and ask questions without rushing and we to answer them once we get familiar with the specific case and make the necessary research. Answers will be sent to your e-mail.
  • More and more companies are using electronic invoices instead of paper. You can add our email to receive these invoices. This way they are received by both you and us and there is no need you to send anything since we already have them. Moreover, we have printed, accounted and classified these documents in the relevant accounting folders.
  • Electronic banking - a very convenient way to work with the bank, saving you the time for going to the bank and waiting on queues. Moreover the charges for this type of banking are much lower. We can create your payment orders to the budget using online banking, and you can authorize them for payment at your convenience - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.