Single consultations regarding accounting, tax and labor issues

Annual tax and financial closure


Your business is expanding, but you don't have a lot of documents yet. You are worried about being late and missing deadlines, but cannot find the time to organize your accounting and cannot fill in yourself your annual statement or you don't know whether you are registered for VAT? For you we offer the service: "Annual accounting and balancing, preparation of tax returns and annual reports."

We will review your documentation and advise you on the issue and storage of primary accounting documents and accounting records. We will collect, sort, classify and process all accounting information for the financial year and compile the necessary reports in a form approved for your type of business. We will also compile your tax return taking into consideration the type of tax for your business and file all documents up to their legal beneficiaries - NRA, NSI. So rest assured that you have cleared out all statutory accounts payable and have met all deadlines so you will not be penalized.

If your company had no activity during the year, then you have an obligation to file a tax return at the NRA - thre is a special form for companies with no activity (if you are a legal entity). You should submit a declaration to the NSI, that you do not operate and also submit a zero report on the activities in the Commercial Register kept by the Registry Agency. This report is in the form for enterprise with operations, but some elements are zero or not filled. Failing to do this will result in sanctions by the relevant institutions. We offer preparation of all documents to the NRA, NSI and the Commercial Register.

Preparation of tax returns for individuals


If you are an individual who is required to file an annual tax return, but you are not confident that you will do it by yourself, take advantage of our service, "Preparation of annual tax return for an individual". We will fill in the application on the basis of the documents, we will calculate your tax liability and prepare a payment order or a receipt to submit it to the revenue of the budget and submit your declaration. So rest assured that you will comply with all regulatory accounts payable and meet all deadline so you are not penalized.

Accounting, tax and insurance consulting


If you have questions about accounting or tax cases, if you are an employer and you have a labor dispute with workers, if you are a worker and you believe your rights have been violated - you need specialized advice. You can take advantage of the consultation in our office (by appointment) or we can offer you written advice on a specific example case.

Preparation of documents and reports for credit application


Want to expand your business? Then you need additional funding and consult a banking institution for a credit product. The bank will ask you to show reports and financial performance of your company, usually using predefined parameters and forms. Our accounting firm will prepare all the necessary forms needed with all relevant financial information. Remains for you to get approval and focus on your business!

Preparation of reports and statements to NSI regarding entering into a sampling


According to the Statistics Act, NSI does ​​the collection and processing of information in order to provide statistical information on various aspects of economic life. Most frequently, for this purpose they use the so called "sampling". This means that NSI randomly selects companies from different sectors of the economy and require them to fill out their activities based on parameters that are monitored for the development of the economy in different sectors. These reports can be monthly or quarterly. If you are stuck in a sample and you cannot deal with the preparation of the required parameters, then we will help you by summarizing all the necessary data, completing the forms and submitting them electronically to NSI in a timely fashion.