Our clients are mainly small and medium-sized companies growing their business in different areas of economic life, but we also have for clients freelancers and larger enterprises with more than 50 employees. Some of the areas in which our clients operate are:

  • Production
  • Trade - wholesale and retail
  • Construction and repairs
  • Architecture
  • Consultancy
  • IT
  • Transport activities
  • Studios for beauty and hair treatments
  • Lawyers and other legal services
  • Indoor and outdoor advertising
  • Tourism / hotels, restaurants, travel agencies /
  • Landlords
  • Foundations, non-profit organizations and other non-profit entities
  • Activities of companies registered under the CPA
  • And more...

We are competent enough to offer first class service, no matter which area of ​​the business you evolve. If you think we are the right partner for you, contact us right now!